20 ml BitterKraft!Original

20 ml BitterKraft!Original

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20 ml BitterKraft!®Original

A Digestive Companion

Everything was created for a reason, and this small bottle is no exception. It's job is to keep people company and to be helpful with its digestive benefits whenever needed. St Hildegard recommended to include original bitter foods such as chicory, dandelion root and endive lettuce in everyone's daily diet. BitterKraft!®Original is a helpful daily tonic according to time-tested formulas.

Bitter tasting herbs affect physiological reactions, working as a tonic, a relaxer, and an astringent. Taking BitterKraft!®Original helps the entire being to achieve a vibrant and new equilibrium. It's time-honored formula has unique synergistic properties.

BitterKraft!®Original is a well-balanced, aromatic and non-laxative tonic according to old formulas. It supplements the bitter food group in our diet and acts as an invigorating and vitalizing aid. The distinct, herbal flavor reflects the unusual potency of plants grown in a pure and unadulterated environment.

Don’t let the bitter taste scare you off: You can mix BitterKraft!®Original with a bit of water or orange juice. The taste is pleasant.

Ingredients  Water, Angelica Root, Gentian Root, Cardamom Seeds, Turmeric, Cinnamon Bark, Galangal, Yellow Ginger, Artichoke, Milk Thistle Leaves, 22 % vol. alcohol

Suggested Use  Twice a day 15 drops prior to meals, plain or mixed with some water or juice, as needed

20 ml BitterKraft!®Original


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