BitterKraft! Vital Powder

BitterKraft! Vital Powder

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A Must Have for Overall Well-Being

Old-world knowledge meets the 21st century! St Hildegard von Bingen believed that bitter tasting herbs have a great purifying effect. Bitters are the missing taste in the modern diet though in nature they are the most common taste.

Our ancestors subsisted on diets high in bitters for centuries. Naturally, in a bitter environment, sweet taste was rare. However our bodies can not tolerate too much sugar as they react with hyperacidity.
Bitters are traditionally known to

destroy fat
purify the body
reset taste buds
reduce sugar cravings

The formula helps the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms by supporting all of the body’s pathways.

Suggested Use  Put about 1/8 teaspoon on your tongue and drink one sip of water. Or mix with water or juice. Take prior to meals as needed to maintain overall well-being.

Ingredients  Angelica Root, Yellow Gentian Root, Potentilla, Cinnamon Bark, Milk Thistle Leaves, Yellow Ginger, Cardamom Seeds and Cornstarch (as a natural bulking agent)

100 g

Sufficient for about 13 weeks or longer




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