Herbal Mouth Oil

Herbal Mouth Oil

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Herbal Mouth Oil

Strengthen your Gums!

The herbal mouth oil is a good way to cleanse and strengthen your gums. The formula is based on Hildegard of Bingen's most effective herbs.

The mouth oil reduces harmful germs and cleans thoroughly. Cleaning of your mouth refers to the elimination of waste, such as former amalgam fillings and environmental residues.
The Herbal Mouth Oil is made with Common Yarrow, Galangal and Violet.

How to use
Slurp about 1 - 2 tea spoons and rinse your mouth thoroughly, swishing solution around the mouth and between the teeth.

Then expel the oil and brush your teeth.

In the morning rinse your mouth with Herbal Mouth Oil then brush your teeth with Herbal Tooth Paste

100 ml



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