Hildegard of Bingen's Remedies

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Hildegard's Healing Wisdom

Old-world knowledge meets the 21st century. Our mission is to promote the wisdom of the remarkable herbalist St. Hildegard, famous for her visions and her legacy. Instead of turning to pharmaceutically manufactured drugs to cleanse and strengthen the body and to boost metabolism, we suggest turning to Hildegard and her time-tested all natural remedies.

Hildegard's wisdom is about living a more holistic, authentic life. As an abbess she believed in the power of whole herbs and whole foods in order to keep the body healthy and help it heal. Her nataural ingredients work together in perfect balance, so the mind, body and spirit can be balanced too.


On Heirloom Herbs
Living in the area of the Rhine, Hildegard was a medieval Benedictine abbess living in the 12th century. She authored numerous books and scriptures that revolutionized her time. Her therapies are based on natural knowledge of the body. It is a system of linked components of the human being and its relationship to the world as a whole. St. Hildegard's doctrines are successfully practiced in Europe.
The Journey Begins

Hildegard's passion for invention and exploration gives new meaning to the words herbal healing. Our products are made according to her renowned formulas and are a natural alternative. They are distributed either in our webshop or in German pharmacies. They are recommended by numerous customers and medical professionals.

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