Hildegard's Spelt Breakfast "Habermus"

Hildegard's Spelt Breakfast "Habermus"

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St Hildegard's Breakfast Habermus 

Spice up Your Breakfast Routine!

Discover the breakfast that will keep you healthy. Made with whole grain spelt. The ancient chewy superfood that is worth rediscovering. 

Hildegard’s Favourite Breakfast, also called ‘Habermus’, is low in fat, and tastes delicious. It’s an easy way to get more of the fiber you need to promote your health. One bowl of this delicious breakfast muesli gives you approximately 20 percent of your daily fiber, with just the right amount of sweetness coming from apple and cinnamon. Just great for a satisfying, naturally sweet breakfast.

How to prepare  Boil 2/3 cup of water, pour 1/3 cup of Hildegard's Muesli in water. Cover. Let sit for a minute or two. Enjoy with milk, soymilk or yoghurt, add honey if you need more sweetness

Ingredients  Spelt flakes, Apple, Lemon zest, Galangal, Pellitory Root, and Cinnamon

400 g


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